Trades and Construction

A focused approach to mental health in the trades.

The right tools.

Every industry comes with its own unique challenges and stressors, and the trades are no exception. Physically demanding work, workplace hazards, long/irregular hours, and often temporary or contract-based employment can contribute to mental health concerns. High-pressure workplace cultures may also pose unique challenges.

I spent fourteen years proudly working in the trades as a journeyman machinist, working in camps, out in the field, on giant production floors, and in little specialty machine shops.

My own personal experiences navigating mental health throughout a demanding career inspired this specialized mental health training for the trades and construction industries.

Overcoming the stigma.

The biggest stigma surrounding mental health in the trades is that despite the obvious physical strain and safety risks, instability of contract/shift work, the isolation of remote worksites – and the fact that we all have mental health to deal with – the trades are traditionally seen as ‘tough’ work cultures that often discourage open discussions about mental health.

I think most of us were just worried that it would people feel uncomfortable. We didn’t want to be seen as “weak”. We were just there to do out job and fit in. “Check your baggage at the door” was a common mantra.

I get it. I haven’t always been a “mental health guy”, myself. But I endured things away from work that affected my performance, and I endured challenges on the job that I’d still be dealing with away from it. I saw plenty of others dealing with it too. We’d talk about it over drinks but never at work or in safety meetings.

We relate to people like us, people who have experienced what we have – and I’m proud to say that despite the stigma and hesitancy that continues to permeate the trades, VIV Mental Health has found a strong voice in bringing effective mental health training and support to these industries.

Our training helps to ensure that your workforce is resilient, supportive, and healthy by offering a variety of training and education options. This content is catered specifically to tradespeople, presented by a facilitator who is able to weave his own lived experiences as a tradesman into the concepts being discussed – with plenty of opportunities for attendees to offer their own insights in a safe, accessible environment.

We offer both leadership, management, and employee support training that we customize for each client. Workshops, presentations, safety talks, new hire training and much more – let us help your company address workplace mental health in a way that will effectively resonate with your employees.

To find out more, visit our Employee and Mental Health Training page or book a free consultation.

I look forward to working with you and your team!